What you need to know when moving into a commercial space in Wilson, N.C. – UDOCC & Fire Inspections

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Finding the right commercial real estate space for your business in Wilson, N.C. can be a daunting task.  Just when you have found the right commercial unit and signed a lease with the landlord, you can now begin to focus on all the logistics of moving, starting/expanding business, hiring employees etc.  In addition to all the business logistics, a new tenant must cross a couple of more hurdles from the City of Wilson to open in the new location.

The first hoop one must jump through in Wilson is a new but hopefully painless one if you have found the right piece of real estate to open your business.  A future business has to fill out a -UDOCC – Zoning Request Form(Unified Development Ordinance Compliance Certificate) to ensure that the property’s zoning matches the future business.  To find out what zoning a particular property is please use the Wilson Interactive Zoning Map to determine parcel zoning.  Hopefully if you have worked with a quality commercial real estate broker such as Etheridge Associates, this should not be an issue.  You simply will fill out the form and turn it into the City of Wilson Planning Department for final approval.

The final step in the process is scheduling and passing a City of Wilson Fire Inspection by calling (252)399-2880.  A typical commercial fire inspection will usually entail checking fire extinguisher are up to date, unit provides a safe means of egress, and alarm/smoke detectors have been inspected.  Basically, the fire inspection is to ensure that the business can operate in the space safely to protect the general public in case of fire.

After the -UDOCC – Zoning Request Form has been accepted and the Commercial Space leased has passed a Fire Inspection, a tenant can now proceed to get utilities turned on and begin to operate in Wilson, N.C.  To get utility service turned on at a new location one will need to have a copy of their lease and take it down to Wilson Energy located at 208 Nash St NE, Wilson, NC 27893 with a phone number of (252) 399-2200.  At Wilson Energy, a Customer Service representative will find the property and can see in their computer system that the property has had the UDOCC approved and a fire inspection completed and will initiate service.

Now a new tenant can finally legally open for business and provide Wilson with its service for many years to come.  If you need any help finding commercial real estate in Wilson please give Etheridge Associates a call (252) 291-4600 and we will be glad to help you find the right space for your business and guide you through the process.




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