Where to search for Foreclosure Listings in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Smithfield, N.C.

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Buying a foreclosed or real estate owned (reo) home can be a very lucrative decision.  Opportunities are out there for homeowners and investors but one must act quickly to cash in on the deals.  There are a couple of main foreclosure websites that buyers need to be aware of to  keep up with the foreclosed home inventory available in the Eastern N.C. real estate market.

Homepath.com Foreclosed Real estate listing in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Smithfield, Zebulon, Goldsboro, Morehead City, N.C.

Homepath.com is the best place to start a search for foreclosed property in the Wilson, N.C. and the Eastern N.C. market.  New homes are added all the time and homepath.com offers a very user-friendly site that is easily searchable just like all the major real estate listings sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com, & Trulia.com.  The homes found on Homepath.com are Fannie Mae back homes who have gone into default which is some of the largest pool of foreclosed homes in the United States.

HUD Foreclosed Wilson NC Etheridge Associates

Similar to Homepath, another great website for foreclosures in Wilson, N.C. and the surrounding areas, is Hudhomestore.com.  Hudhomestore features foreclosed homes that were backed by the U.S. Department  of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Recently, Hudhomestore.com has been receiving a lot of quality foreclosed home listings in Eastern, N.C.

homestepsHomesteps.com offers REO/Foresclosure listings that were back by Freddie Mac, which is similiar to Fannie Mae.  While every once in a while listing will come up in the Wilson, N.C. market area, it is very rare.  This website only occasionally offers listings for sale in the market area but is one to keep in mind when on the foreclosure hunt.


A relative newcomer who has come on strong within the foreclose listing market is Hubzu.com.  Hubzu.com features more of an auction style format but has recently seen a surge in foreclosure listing from banks and government agencies.  The auction style format can be a little daunting to first time home buyers but is another viable option to view foreclosed listing in the Wilson, N.C. market area.

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There are a few other foreclosed listing sites out there but primarily these are the ones that are found in the Wilson, N.C. market.  Each Listing Website requires a licensed real estate agent to submit offers and view the properties but anyone can view the listings and search themselves.  Every site has its own way to submit offers and special stipulations unique to each site, so an experience real estate agent who has worked with foreclosures is your best bet.  Etheridge Associates would be happy to assist in locating and purchasing a foreclosed home or investment property and we can guide you through a successful closing.  Give us a call today at 252-291-4600 and we would be glad to discuss available properties and any questions you may have regarding purchasing a foreclosed property.

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